Shenzhen Zunzheng Digital Video Co., Ltd. is a professional color management expert in film and television industry. Our business ranges from research & development of broadcast monitors and real-time color grading monitors, to on-site and post-production workflow solutions and industry education.

We are dedicated to this industry for more than 10 years, always adhering to the technology-based, down-to-earth development concept. The milestones are as follows: 

2004: Shenzhen Zunzheng Digital Video Co., Ltd. was formally established, specializing in broadcast monitor development and production.

2008: Fully entered the North American market. Our current users are from more than 140 countries, thousands of whom are from well-known media facility, including CNN, HBO, National Geographic, BBC, MTV, FOX, etc.

2012: Our office expanded to more than 1000 sqm, and the brand influence was stronger. By then, Zunzheng Digital Video has already been known as a pioneer and advocator of color management in China.

2014: Launched five series of monitors, namely TM, AM, BM, CM and DM , to meet a variety of application needs.

May 2015: Created a dreamland for creators in the film & TV industry Gaiamount ( Gaiamount includes several sections such as works, footage, academy and others, and provides an integrated platform for video enthusiasts to learn crafts, to create and sell their creations.

August 2016: Established cooperation with international famous online education facility Mixing Light, integrating their excellent international color grading education resources with the Gaiamount academy, and bringing internationally cutting-edge technology and experience closer to Chinese audience.

May 2017: Gaiamount Film Science and Arts Academy was set up, dedicated to film and television workflow solutions and education.