General FAQs

Can I use Zunzheng monitors to view HDMI signals?

All Zunzheng monitors are equipped with a DVI-I Input allowing you to monitor both DVI-A and DVI-D signals. Most HDMI signals CAN be viewed on Zunzheng monitor as the DVI interface can support many HDMI signals. Typical HDMI outputs from computers, DSLRS, and other professional HDMI sources can usually be viewed on Zunzheng monitor. With respect to compatibility you simply want to keep the following things in mind:

You will need an HDMI to DVI cable or and HDMI to DVI adapter to view HDMI signals on Zunzheng monitor. This is simply a connection type adapter and not a converter, the video signal will be unaltered from its native format.

Zunzheng monitors do not support signals with HDCP such as BluRay movies.

The DVI interface on Zunzheng monitor is DVI-I with support for DVI-A and DVI-D Single Link Signals.

DVI interfaces do NOT support audio.

Zunzheng monitors are an excellent choice for monitoring DVI and HDMI signals, especially coming from cameras that only have this type of digital output, because FSI is one of the few brands of monitors that provides full Waveform / Vector Scope functionality across all inputs, even DVI.

All lcd monitors have an inherent delay. Is the audio from the deembedder delayed to exactly match? Also does it track the different frame rates as the delays tend to change?

Yes, all Zunzheng monitors automatically delay the audio disembedded to the internal speakers and mini-jack audio out by the precise amount of processing delay (down to the ms). We do this for all formats and all monitor processing modes (FAST, NORMAL, NOISE REDUCTION) automatically.

Can you set my monitor up with a peak white luminance of 30fL?

Zunzheng monitors are typically setup to a peak white luminance of 35fL (SMPTE RP-167), but this is adjustable and can be set to your desired peak white luminance level. Most FSI monitors can be set to any desired peak white luminance level between approximately 18fL and 50fL. Additionally, many monitors can be setup even brighter for field specific uses, with some monitors capable of peak white luminance in excess of 100fL.

Does the LM-2461W work seemlessly with an AJA Kona 3G card?

Yes. The LM-2461W is essentially card and editing system agnostic. You can really use just about any I/O interface/card that you like, and the AJA Kona 3G is certainly used with our monitors in countless post production facilities around the world on a daily basis.

I see that the LM-2461W has a 10 bit (FRC) LCD panel, what does this mean?

The LM-2461W is capable of a 10 bit color depth by utilizing an 8 bit panel driver along with the latest built in FRC algorithm. This allows you to accurately reproduce approximately 1.073 Billion Colors. This advanced FRC is NOT spatial dithering and practically speaking an 8 bit panel with FRC will be mostly indiscernible from a native 10 bit LCD monitor with respect to bit depth. With respect to a discernible bit depth advantage a native 10 bit panel may have slightly less noise in extreme lowlights, but this is a very marginal difference that is typically not noticeable outside of very specific test patterns.

There is a misconception that 8bit with FRC may generate unacceptable artifacts for professional video monitors. Modern day FRC algorithms provide very accurate color reproduction and will actually produce significantly less artifacts when viewing a 10 bit video signal than an 8 bit panel without FRC, which will show some degree of banding and exponentially fewer colors. Native 10 bit panels are of course the best solution, but the price premium is quite significant for a very marginal improvement in performance. 8 bit + FRC is becoming the new norm in many high-end consumer and professional displays. The difference between 8 bit monitors with advanced FRC and native 10 bit monitors is so negligible that many manufacturers now simply refer to both technologies as 10 bit. In the interest of complete clarity and full disclosure Zunzheng will continue to list native 10 bit panels simply as 10 bit and panels with FRC as 10 bit (FRC).

Troubleshooting FAQs

What is your monitor warranty?

All Zunzheng monitors are warranted against manufacturing defects preventing normal operation of the monitor for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. This warranty covers both parts and labor.

Purchase FAQs

How can I buy your monitor?

You could contact with us directly. Tel: +86 755 86391800, Mail:

Shipping FAQs

Do you pay for the transportation costs?

No. The price of our products don't contain the transportation costs.