Zunzheng Warranty Provisions


1. Unless this provision is the product of special instructions, the free warranty period is two years from the date of purchase based on the receipt date. Under normal use in accordance with the instructions,in case the product is breakdown, please contact with us. Please present the warranty card and purchase invoice in the repair of the request. Didn’t produce a valid warranty card and purchase invoices, we have the right to refuse providing warranty. Besides the insurance, postal, transportation and other miscellaneous, the warranty service is provided free of charge.


2. Implement the national Three Guarantees, but don’t provide on-site service.


3. Following repairs during the warranty period will also be charged:

3.1 The damage caused by improper operation which is without according to the product instructions.

3.2 The damage caused by falling, water, improper storage after you purchased the product.

3.3 The damage caused by repairing, alteration, decomposition, cleaning in non-authorized service dealers.

3.4 No record on the warranty card or alter the date of purchase, product name, product model number, serial number, invoice number, user name, address, telephone, dealer name .

3.5 Record of product model or number on the warranty card don’t conform to the actual purchase of goods.

3.6 The breakdown caused by natural disasters and other man-made irresistible natural disasters, abnormal voltage and other external causes.


4. The product accessories and optional items don’t covered under the range of warranty. We reserve the right without prior notice to the right to change the optional items and accessories list .


5. We wouldn’t compensate for the incidental damage of the breakdown, including the shooting of the production costs and future revenue.


6 . Please keep the warranty card, we wouldn’t replace it no longer.