42 inch 3D Cinema Technology Monitor

The Zunzheng CM420TD is a 42" Multi-Format reference monitor with 3G/Dual-Link/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, & DVI-I Inputs. As a flagship CM series monitor the CM320TD delivers the highest level of performance available within the Zunzheng product lineup. This unit features full 12-bit video processing and a 10-bit panel capable of reproducing over 1.073 billion colors on screen. The monitor is also equipped with a passive circular polarizer and in-monitor multiplexing allowing for easy and affordable 3D monitoring in addition to its already capable 2D monitoring modes. The CM420TD provides support for virtually any signal format from NTSC/PAL to HD and 2K, including advanced 12-bit, 4:4:4, and XYZ signal formats. This monitor was purpose built for color critical evaluation in the most demanding applications within post production, broadcast, and on set monitoring environments.


Color space management is handled by our CFE2 Color Fidelity Engine. This advanced second-generation 64x64x64 Matrix 3D LUT processor ensures a high degree of accuracy in any color space mode. Select between Rec 790, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI-P3, Native Wide Gamut, and Custom User Generated color spaces. CFE2 supports custom calibration LUTs as well as DIT LUTs that do not require profiling of the panel with a probe before import (e.g. BlackMagic Design Film Mode to Rec 709 LUT, LogC to Rec 709 LUT, etc.)


The CM420TD is equipped with 3Gbps SDI (SMPTE 425M-AB) & Dual-Link SDI (SMPTE 372M) inputs, which provide support for advanced formats including 4:4:4 RGB, 4:4:4 YCbCr, and 4:4:4 XYZ signals. With support of both Level A and Level B 3Gbps SDI the CM172 is compatible with virtually all 3Gbps SDI sources and provides many advanced viewing modes for multiplexed (2x SMPTE 292M) Level B signals as explained here.


All Zunzheng monitors come standard with 13 Mode On-Screen Scopes. Up to two types of Scopes can be displayed simultaneously and can be toggled on/off instantly with a single button press. Scope Windows can be displayed in any of 6 onscreen locations and the two scope windows can be stacked on top of each other or sit side by side for maximum flexibility. Zunzheng is also one of the few companies to provide this scope functionality across all inputs, even DVI. This means that full scope functionality is possible while using many of today’s most popular HD-DSLR cameras that only offer HDMI output.



Built-in audio disembedder and internal speakers allow you to listen to any single channel or stereo pair of embedded audio channels pulled from HD/SD-SDI video on the internal speakers or via the monitor’s audio line out. This disembedded audio is always delayed by the exact amount of video processing and pixel response time to ensure perfect lip sync for audio critical applications. Meter all 16 channels of embedded audio on screen either in a horizontal layout (VU with dB readout) or next to one of the Scope Mode Windows displayed in a vertical layout (PPM).



· 1920x1080 Resolution 2D/3D HD LCD Panel

· 12 Bit Video Processing,Ture 10 Bit LCD Panel ( 1.073 Bilion Colors )

· CFE2 Color Management, supports both look LUTs and calibration LUTs

· Simultaneous Viewing of Two Inputs, mixed formats supported

· Instantly Selectable Rec 709, EBU, SMPTE C, DCI P3, Native Wide Gamut, & Custom User Created Color Spaces

· Standard 3Gbps SDI Inputs Included for Support of Advanced SMPTE 425M-AB Signals

· 4:4:4 YCbCr, RGB, & XYZ Signal Support

· Timecode Display ( VITC 1, VITC 2, LTC )

· Automatic On-Screen Indication of Source Frame-rate & Resolution ( toggle on,off, or 5 second display)

· DSLR Zoom for Full Screen Scaling of DSLR Sources

· On-Screen Alarms ( IRE Threshold, RGB Alarms, Loss of Signal, Audio Mute, and more )

· Adjustable Focus Assist ( Focus Meter and Focus Highlight in Red )

· Wide Variety of Standard Markers & Safety Areas

· User Adjustable Custom Marker Feature

· Pixel Zoom Feature – Adjustable Artifact – Free Zoom On Any Portion of HD Signal

· CX Scale ( video example ): Full Screen and centered scaling of Codex ARRIRAW Recorder output

· Active Video Boundary Marker

· H/V Delay

· Blue Only Mode

· Monochrome Mode

· HD Anamorphic De-Squeeze ( 1.3x, 2.0x, 2.0xMag )

· AFD Reader

· Overscan/ 1:1 scan

· Freeze Frame Picture by Picture ( Sub Window )

· 13 Quickly Selectable Scopes ( Display Up to 2 at the Same Time )

· Luminance Waveform with Adjustable Intensity

· Vector Scope with Adjustable Intensity and Gain Expansion

· Hue Vector Scope with Adjustable Reference Vector

· Color Coded RGB Parade with Adjustable Intensity

· Color Coded GBR Parade with Adjustbale Intensity

· RGB Overlay with Adjustable Intensity

· Column Scope Showing Min/ Max YRGB Range

· Histogram, Color Histogram, & RGB Histogram Scopes

· YCbCr Scope with Adjustable Intensity

· YCbCr Overlay Scope with Adjustable Intensity

· Audio Phase Meter ( Select Any Stereo Pair of Embedded Audio Channels )

· Audio Disembedding to Built – In Speakers or Audio Output

· 16 Channel Audio Level Meters

· Color Temperature Selection

· Gamma Selection ( 1.0~ 2.8 ) as well as C-Log / S-Log / S-Log2 / BMD-Log monitoring modes

· SD Aspect Ratio Selection ( Anamorphic / 4:3 )

· Advanced Pixel Level Measurement Feature

· 3D Viewing with Passive Glasses (included)

· In-Monitor Multiplexing of signals for 3D Viewing (no external mux required)

· 3D Signal Analysis Modes for multiplexed Level B 3Gbps SDI signals

   • Left Eye Only

   • Right Eye Only

   • Picture and Picture

   • Horizontal Split with Adjustable Split Position

   • Vertical Split with Adjustable Split Position

   • 3D Disparity

   • 3D Line by Line

   • 3D Checkerboard with Adjustable Checkerboard Size 

· Exposure Level Indication with LUM Coloring feature

· Remotely Controlled Tally Lights ( Red / Green / Amber )

· Camear Record Status Indication triggered by Camera SDI Flag

· AC ( 100~240 V ) and DC ( 24V 4PIN XLR ) Power Connectors

· Durable Diecast Aluminum Frame

· Compatible with ZUNZHENG’s Direct Connect Automatic Alignment as well as LightIllusion’s LightSpace CMS









Passive 3D Glasses


The CM420TD passive 3D monitor comes with 1 set of polarized lens 3D glasses.




USB to RS232 Remote Kit


This remote control and alarm monitoring kit consists of one USB to RS232 adapter and the Remote Control and Alarm Monitoring Software for both Mac and PC. This is the ONLY USB to RS232 adapter supported by Zunzheng and is compatible with both Mac and PC systems. This kit allows for remote control and alarm monitoring of 1 Zunzheng monitor. For control of multiple Zunzheng monitors the RS422 Remote Control Kit is required.



  3FT RG6 BNC cable

High Quality 3 Ft. RG6 BNC cable, especially well suited for higher bandwidth HD-SDI applications.



3’ HDMI to DVI Cable


HDMI to DVI cable ideal for connecting devices with HDMI outputs to the DVI Input of a Zunzheng monitor.



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