Truecolor Analyzer


Colorsee is a software which used to measure and analyse the color of display devices. You can measure the brightness, chrominance and analyse the gamma, color gamut of display by connect it to colorimeter. The Colorsee currently supports many colorimeters such as Spyder3, K-10, Chroma-5, Konica Minolta's CS-200, CA-210, CA-310, CS2000, the brief instruction as below:


Connect devices

1. Take the display device which need to be measured as display and connect it to PC's graphics card, then connect the colorimeter’s control line with PC's USB port or serial port.

2. If it is the first time to connect with colorimeter, you will be noticed that have found new device. Please install the driver of colorimeter according to notice.


Run the Colorsee

1. Build a new "measurement setting": Select the “Build a new sub-menu” in "File" menu, then select the colorimeter used to measure according to notice and build a new "measurement setting".



2. The application program interface includes five parts: menu bar, toolbar, "measured value" window, main display window and status bar.

3. The main display window can be used to select "Data" page, "Brightness" page, "RGB Level" page, "Delta E" page, "Gamma" page, "Correlated color temperature" page, "CIE Chart" page, and "Spectrum "page.




4. Set Colorimeter and measurement options: Select the "Options" sub-menu in "Advanced" menu, you will see the "Options" dialog box.

5. The dialog box has three pages, used to set measuring options, reference standards and colorimeter respectively.



1. Single measurement: operate a measurement once, then the measurement results will be timely displayed in "Measurement value" window on the left. Including brightness (ftL), color temperature (CCT), XYZ, xy, uv, RGB, Lab, LCH, % R% G% B. The historical values are recorded in "data" page, for CS2000, the measured spectral distribution information is displayed in "spectrum" page.

2. Continuous measurement: operate continuous measurement, then the measurement results will be timely displayed in "Measurement value" window on the left, and the historical values are recorded in "data" page. The continuous measurement can be stopped by "Stop Measuring" sub-menu in "Measure" menu.

3. Gamut measurement: measure the 100% red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and White respectively, the measured values are recorded in "Data" page. Meanwhile, the display device’s color gamut triangle on 1931 or 1976CIE coordinate map is marked in "CIE Chart" page.

4. Contrast measurement: measure the 100% white and 0% black respectively, and calculate the brightness ratio of white and black, displayed in "Data" page.

5. Grayscale measurement: divide the grayscale from 0 to 255 into N-level (the value of level is set in "Options" dialog box, the default value is 20), and measure every level respectively. The measurement result is displayed in "Data" page, while every point’s brightness percentage is marked in "Brightness" page, and connected into gamma curve. Every level’s RGB percentage is marked in "RGB Level", and connected into RGB Level curve. The distance between every level’s measurement result and reference standard’s white point’s is marked in "Delta E" page, and connected into Delta E curve. Every level’s gamma value is marked in "Gamma" page and connected into gamma curve. Every level’s correlated color temperature is marked in "Correlated color temperature" page, and connected into correlated color temperature curve.

6. Full suite of measurement: operate the "contrast measurement," "grayscale measurement" and "color field measurement", then record the measurement results and display the correlated information in the corresponding chart.


Save the measurement result

1. When the measurement is finished, the result value will be saved as text file by "Output data" sub-menu of "Advanced" menu.

2. Click the mouse’s right shift in corresponding chart, you can save the chart content as JPG image by "Save" menu”.